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What is Hair Restoration?

If you've noticed your hair starting to thin, fall out, or recede, you may benefit from hair restoration. While hair loss may cause an undesirable look, for some people, it can also cause embarrassment or self-consciousness. At Body Bar MD, we offer a variety of hair restoration treatment options, including PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy and topical medications. Our Carmel and Terre Haute, IN offices serve both men and women who are looking to reduce hair loss, increase hair growth, and/or maintain a healthy head of hair. Dr. Christy is able to provide you with a unique treatment solution based on your exact needs, desires, and goals. Call today to schedule your consultation.

Am I Right for Hair Restoration?

If you find yourself in a position where you're noticing a little — or a lot — of hair loss, you've likely wondered if there was anything you can do about it. At Body Bar MD, we are here to help! Any healthy adult suffering from hair loss could be a good candidate for our hair restoration program with the exception you are not bald. The earlier you are in the hair loss stage, the better the results you will likely see. If you are pregnant, have poor blood clotting, are keloid-prone, or have other medical conditions, be sure to discuss them with Dr. Christy as this may disqualify you from one or all hair restoration options.

How Does Hair Restoration Work?

At Body Bar MD, we have three hair restoration options: PRP therapy, adipose-derived cell therapy, and topical medications. Each one is unique and performed slightly differently. Dr. Christy will discuss all options with you in your initial consultation to help you choose which option is best for you.

PRP Therapy: This is a minimally invasive treatment that lasts about 60 minutes inside our Carmel, IN office. We will draw a bit of blood from your arm and place it in a centrifuge machine where the blood will spin and the platelets will separate. The platelet-rich plasma will then be injected into your scalp where the hair loss is occurring.

Adipose Cell Transplant: Before beginning this procedure, we will numb you with local anesthesia and take about two tablespoons of fat from one area of your body. We will filter and process the fat to separate the viable cells. We will then inject these cells into the balding areas of your hairline. You can expect this procedure to last a few hours.

Topical Medications: In some cases, we may be able to address your hair loss with a topical medication. Options and application instructions will be thoroughly discussed with Dr. Christy. It's important to note, you may need someone to drive you home due to the anesthesia.

What's Next After My Hair Restoration Treatment?

Depending on your treatment, you will be sent home to recover. There should not be any downtime associated with topical creams; however, you may have some pain and discomfort at the injection sites of both PRP and adipose cell transplant. If you had PRP therapy, you may notice some redness, swelling, and tenderness for about 48 hours following treatment. Dr. Christy will discuss further at-home care with you, including how to wash your hair, treat the injected areas, etc. You will likely start seeing results within the next 3 – 6 months. Dr. Christy may suggest further treatments for a fuller effect.

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Refine Your Hairline

Many times when we notice hair starting to fall out or areas starting to thin, it causes a bit of embarrassment and alarm. For some, it may be a sign of our advancing age; for others, it may be a genetic condition. Whatever the reason, at Body Bar MD, we are here to help. Make an appointment with Dr. Christy today to discuss your options for hair restoration so we can get you a full head of healthy hair that has you fluffing up rather than covering up.

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