What Can Restylane Be Used For?

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 11/24/2020

When you need a fresh, new look, turning to cosmetic injectables like Restylane can restore facial volume and be the wrinkle treatment you need.


How is a Medical Weight Loss Plan Created?

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 11/20/2020

Medical weight loss uses a fat loss program and weight loss medication to help patients lose weight.


Can Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Treat Menopause Symptoms?

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 11/12/2020

Biodientical hormone replacement therapy is a plant-based therapy that reduces signs of menopause by safely and effectively regulating hormone levels.


What Body Parts Can Be Treated With Laser Liposuction?

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 11/03/2020

A look at laser liposuction involving fat grafting, including what prime areas can get body sculpting results, and how it requires less downtime.


How Long Does BOTOX Take to Work?

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 10/27/2020

With BOTOX wrinkle relaxer injectable treatments, it's possible to smooth away fine lines and gain the long-lasting, youthful glow you've wished for.


How Much Weight Can You Lose With Medical Weight Loss?

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 10/20/2020

Whether you have 100 pounds to lose or just need to shed those last few inches, a medical weight loss program can help you reach your goals.


What Are The Benefits From Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 10/13/2020

Bioidentical hormone therapy is a treatment that is used to improve low or abnormal hormone levels in men and women.


How Does Laser Liposuction Differ From Traditional Liposuction?

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 10/06/2020

Discover the compelling benefits of laser liposuction, including how it can be used to remove fat in one area and build up volume in another!


What Are The Best Injectable Treatments For Fine Lines And Wrinkles?

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 09/23/2020

A useful guide on understanding injectable dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers, including how they work and which treatments may be right for you.


Struggling To Lose Weight? Consider A Medical Weight Loss Program

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 09/17/2020

If you are finding it difficult to stick to your routines or maintain the weight loss you’ve already achieved, a medical weight loss program can help.


How Does Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Work?

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 09/10/2020

Curious how bioidentical hormone therapy can help treat the frustrating symptoms of hormone imbalance? Find out everything you need to know here!


What is Laser Liposuction with Fat Transfer?

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 09/03/2020

Laser liposuction and fat transfer is a minimally invasive way to replace lost volume in the body. Get a custom treatment plan to enhance your curves.


Meet Body Bar MD Patient Jen Pendleton

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 09/23/2019

For one of her patients, Jennifer Pendleton, Dr. Christy’s techniques proved particularly transformative.


New Year’s Resolution Check-In

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 02/03/2017

Alright, so it’s been a month since you made that New Year’s resolution focused on reaching a healthy weight. How’s it going? Be honest with yourself.


Workout Apps to Meet Your Fitness Goals Anywhere

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 01/18/2017

If you’re stretched for time and can’t make it to the gym for a workout, try one of these apps and start sweating at home.


How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 12/15/2016

Making the resolution is the easy part … keeping them is the hard part. Here are some tips to help you stick to your goals.


What’s up with protein powder?

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 12/14/2016

Protein powder is a growing fad and many people are jumping on the bandwagon. We’ll tell you all about what it is and who needs it in their diet.


Keeping Active in Winter

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 12/09/2016

It’s important to stay active during the colder months too in order to maintain a healthy body weight and healthy blood pressure.


Getting Over That Cold

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 12/01/2016

When you first feel your throat getting scratchy and your head hurting, take these precautionary tips to help you get over that darn cold.


Meet Dario: He’s Lost More Than 65 Pounds At The LiveLight Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Christine Kirkendol Watson | 11/18/2016

Meet Dario, our Patient of the Month as he shares his weight loss journey at the LiveLight Lifestyle Medicine…


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