Our Philosophy

The Right Weight Loss Solution for You


Nobody wants to be overweight. But there are so many factors that can lead us there. We overindulge for social and psychological reasons. We don’t exercise because we’re too busy, embarrassed or out of shape. We’re stressed out, overwhelmed, bored, and hungry for a better self-image and a more fulfilling life.

At Body Bar MD, we get it.


Because we’re medically-based, we know that weight issues can progress if you do nothing about it. We also know that supervised weight loss is more successful than if you go it alone.

And that’s where we come in. We can help anybody who has weight to lose, and is motivated to do so. Addressing every area of your condition, we treat you with medically safe supplements and medications, behavioral guidance, and the expert, personal attention of Dr. Christy and her team. So if you adhere to our program, you will lose weight.


Who is Body Bar MD?


Body Bar MD is:
  • Customized counsel & plans
  • Doctor-supervised, non-surgical
  • Accountable for real success
  • Lifelong weight health
  • Financially Acessible
  • Non-judgmental
Body Bar MD isn't:
  • Pill/boxed food pushers
  • Surgery or non-medical
  • Quick-hit gimmicks (yo-yo'ers)
  • Get skinny for that dress
  • An arm and a leg
  • Ignoring or judging