Custom Diet Plans

Who we help

Custom weight loss solutions designed for you.

There is no one solution. After reviewing your medical history the BodyBarMD medical team develop plans that work for you and your lifestyle. We can help anyone needing to lose weight!

Here’s a few of our specialties.


  • Designed for you
  • Plans to fit your lifestyle


  • Customized for men of all ages
  • Former athletes


  • Nutrition for kids up to 10 years old
  • Teenagers for kids 13-18


  • Diet for healthy weight gain
  • Proactive weight health

New Moms

  • Losing the weight after the birth
  • Diet plans for breast-feeding moms


  • Diet solutions for diabetics
  • Managing insulin levels

Pre & post-menopause

  • Diet solutions for hormone imbalance
  • Medical analysis of your metabolism


  • Weight loss prior to surgery
  • Team approach with your surgeon


  • Vegetarians
  • Celiac disease

Weight Loss Success Story


Jeremy K, Indianapolis

“I was an athlete. I have always been active and in my 20s even ran marathons. Then life happened – career changes, wife, kids and the inevitable weight gain. I needed a plan that worked for my new life of two kids under three, a wife, a home, and my career. Dr. Christy met with me to discuss my lifestyle and assessed my needs and wants. She put me on a monitored plan and the results have been. I am the lightest I have been since my mid-20s and feel great! The plan works for my lifestyle.”