Navigating Weight Loss


Find the best way to achieve your healthy weight.


After your initial consultation and labs, you’ll receive a customized diet plan based on you, your body and your life. At your next appointment, we’ll review your plan, making adjustments based on your likes, dislikes, past successes and failures.

Your Life. Your Diet Plan.

Your life is busy, you’re on the go, and there are numerous pitfalls such as social and business events, stresses and time demands. Everything about our weight loss program is designed to help you navigate real life and achieve your healthy weight.

Our appointment schedule fits yours. We offer early morning, evening and Saturday appointments. In the beginning, we’ll see you every couple of weeks to month, but the time between check-ins will evolve depending on what stage you are at along your weight loss journey.

All the Support You Need.

In between appointments, you can stay engaged with BodyBarMD thanks to food logs and goals “homework” that include nutrition, health and exercise activities. The whole idea is make this healthy approach to weight loss part of your every day life.

Of course, we’re always just a phone call, email, or visit away. If you’re struggling, need support or motivation, know that we are always here for you.

Meaningful Milestones.

Any weight loss is a success worth celebrating! When you lose 10% of your body weight, that’s a milestone most people reach in 3 months. After that, you’ll receive milestone percentages based on healthy weight goals until you reach weight maintenance.

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Your journey from overweight to healthy weight may include:

  • Food diary - It’s critical to log your daily intake to see your true approach to nutrition and to understand your triggers and trends.
  • Individualized Services - You may need some extra insight and support on your weight loss journey. With access to trainers, psychologists, group sessions, nutritional counseling… anything you need to achieve true weight loss success is within reach.
  • Total Body Health - We monitor your health and all your prescriptions. Often, weight loss reduces the need for certain medications. We can work with your other physicians as a team when needed.
  • Meal Replacement Shakes & Bars - You’re on the go – life is hectic, we get it. We carry medically based meal replacement shakes & bars. Designed by doctors to deliver the nutrition you need and hit your weight loss goals.
  • Setbacks - Everyone takes a step back, at some point. The key is learning how to handle and learn from them.
  • Weight loss prescriptions - After a thorough medical evaluation and if you and Dr. Christy, Paul, or Dina are in agreement, we will prescribe and dispense an appetite suppressant, like Phentermine, or other medications recently approved for weight loss.
  • Supplements - We frequently recommend a variety of supplements to support your body and health during weight loss. These include multivitamins, calcium, vitamin D, Omega-3, and chromium.