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What is the P-Shot?

Many men, at some point in their life, will begin to experience the unfortunate effects of erectile dysfunction (ED). While this can seem like an incredibly embarrassing subject, it's actually incredibly common and — thanks to the P–Shot — is easily treatable. This minimally invasive treatment is able to quickly and effectively combat this condition by utilizing growth factors found in your own bloodstream, which are able to be repurposed, increasing blood flow in the penis. For more information, continue reading below or schedule a meeting with one of our experienced team members at Body Bar MD in Carmel, IN.

Am I a Candidate for the P-Shot?

If you're a man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction, the P-Shot is likely an ideal form of treatment for you. Additionally, it works well for patients hoping to achieve a larger, stronger, or straighter penis. Other benefits of this treatment include enhanced sensation and pleasure during intercourse. The P-Shot can be used in conjunction with prescription medications, such as Viagra® or Cialis®, or it can be used as a standalone treatment. However, we do not usually recommend this form of treatment for patients who smoke.

How Does the P-Shot Work?

Similar to other forms of PRP therapy, the P-Shot begins by having a small sample of blood drawn from your arm. This blood is then transported to a centrifuge, which separates the growth factors and other beneficial components of your blood in order to create a PRP solution. After a topical anesthetic is applied, this newly created solution is then injected directly into the penis in an effort to stimulate the growth of new, healthy tissue. Patients rarely report feeling anything more than mild discomfort during the treatment, which only takes about 15 – 30 minutes to perform.

What Results Can I Expect from the P-Shot?

In addition to the short treatment time, there is essentially no downtime necessary after the injection. Patients will be free to return to their normal schedules immediately afterward though we do typically ask to refrain from exercise and intercourse for about 24 hours while the body heals. While some individuals may notice results immediately, we've found that it usually takes about three weeks before the final results will be experienced. In most patients, these results will last about 18 months, and maintenance appointments can be scheduled to prolong these effects.

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A Stronger, Healthier Sex Life

If erectile dysfunction is preventing you from feeling intimate with your partner, consider visiting Body Bar MD to discuss the P-Shot with a member of our experienced staff. Located in Carmel, IN, our facility is outfitted with advanced equipment and a friendly staff dedicated to ensuring each and every one of our patients feels cared for. Call us today to schedule your appointment for the P-Shot.

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