Christy Watson, M.D.


"As a provider, I needed to learn the in's and out's of liposuction. After discussing with colleagues, I decided to have Dr. Christy come to my practice for hands on training. I'm so grateful I chose her for my advanced training! She was professional, fun, knowledgeable, and most importantly skilled! I can't recommend her enough! If you are a patient looking to have fat removed or transplanted, look no farther. Go to the provider that trains other providers. You won't be disappointed!"



"Body bar does an amazing job with all of their services. I trust them with my skin, or any services they offer as far as Biote. The staff is the sweetest hands down in this area and Dr .Christy and Paul are number 1!!! Check them out."



"This was a very professional visit ,I would recommend to anyone in the surrounding areas ! The staff was as fresh and helpful as it gets ."



"Dr. Christy and her staff are friendly and very personable. Dr. Christy is so easy to talk and explained everything and I didn't feel rushed. Highly recommend for Bioidentical Hormone Therapy."



"I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Christy as well as NP Mindy. I’ve spent the last year feeling terrible, exhausted, no energy, unable to focus, weight gain even with diet and exercise. After seeing a number of specialist I decided to try Body Bar MD and within days I had answers to every symptom that I was struggling with. I’d felt like I just couldn’t keep up, and I was failing as a person for just never feeling well, not only did they help me to treat the main cause of my issues rather than just the symptoms, they also couldn’t have been more encouraging about the way I was feeling. They’re advocates for everyone and are so positive about how as humans we always assume our flaws are a personal reflection of who we are rather than looking at our flaws as our bodies way of telling us somethings off and that we shouldn’t feel like we’re failing because of how our bodies react to autoimmune issues, or any other issue. They were also advocates with my insurance company to get them to pay for a medication that every other dr I saw told me they would never get my insurance to cover. I’m just extremely grateful for their attention and expertise in autoimmune, thyroid, and insulin resistance issues, because without them I feel like I’d still be searching for answers and getting no where. I’d recommend them to anyone!"



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