What’s up with protein powder?

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“What’s up with protein powder? What is it? Who needs it?”


I’m glad you asked! Protein powder is a growing fad and many people are jumping on the bandwagon. We’ll tell you all about what it is and who needs it in their diet.


Protein powder is a powdery mix that turns into a drink when it’s added to liquid, most commonly water. The three most popular forms are whey, soy and casein. It is an easy way to get a complete, high-quality protein meal.


So who needs protein powder? Everyone needs protein but certain people are looking to add more protein in their diets, such as:

  • Athletes trying to build muscle
  • People amping up their workouts, like for marathon training
  • Growing teenagers
  • People recovering from an injury
  • Vegans

Protein powder can be helpful but before you run out to the store and stock up, remember that you can have a protein-rich diet with lean meat, chicken, fish, dairy, nuts and eggs. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommend that 30 percent of your daily diet comes from protein. So while protein powders may be delicious and easy, make sure you don’t over-do it.



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