Keep Hydrated without Drinking Water

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Water is essential to living and wellness. However, some people have a hard time getting the recommended amount of water per day (which varies for everyone based on body type but the average adult needs 60 – 100 ounces of water daily). Whatever the reason you have for not getting enough water – don’t like it, not enough time, too full – here are some foods to also keep you hydrated.


Many foods are filled with water to help hydrate your body.

  • Cucumbers are 96 percent water
  • Zucchinis are 95 percent water
  • Tomatoes are 94 percent water
  • Pineapples are 87 percent water
  • Watermelons are 92 percent water
  • Strawberries are 92 percent water
  • Pears are 92 percent water
  • Celery is 95 percent water
  • Grapefruit is 90 percent water
  • Blueberries are 95 percent water
  • Spinach is 96 percent water
  • Raspberries are 87 percent water

Stay away from alcoholic drinks and caffeinated drinks. These are diuretics and actually rid the body of water, which will make you dehydrated. Drink (or eat) up!



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