Give Hiking Another Try

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Hiking is great … the sun up above, the aroma of sweet flowers, the firm earth beneath you … until you start going. The sun gets hotter, the trail seems to go for miles and all of a sudden, hiking can be difficult. Hiking provides so many health benefits, as well as mental relaxation. So before you give up hiking for good, try some of these tips on your next adventure.


  1. Take your dog along with you. They need exercise too and they keep great company!
  2. Plan to a picnic stop along your route
  3. Try easy paths, then work your way up to the harder ones
  4. Take a first-aid kit. There’s nothing worse than hiking, getting hurt and not being able to do anything about it.
  5. Get the right shoes first. They can make all the difference.
  6. Train for it. Hiking seems easy but it takes a lot of power!
  7. Bring the right snacks. Think protein.
  8. Sunscreen. You often think about it when going to the beach but not when hiking. Take the time to protect your skin.
  9. Make it a goal to go to all the major parks in Indiana.
  10. Hiking may be difficult at first, as with any physical activity but with the right gear and training – you will have a great time!


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